The bell is ringing… DRRRIIIINNNGGG!

Here it is, summer is over, and it is time for you to head back to this place where you learn things, laugh with your friends and graduate for doing stuff. As you may have recognized, I’m talking about school.

Will you be a Troublemaker or a Freshman this year? Let your rewards talk for you!

You’ll have the occasion to test your memory with the math test, your skills with the marathon one, and your knowledge with the Geography exercise we put back! As always, don’t forget to exchange your good or bad grades against rewards at the headmaster’s office.

A new fur + some items have been added (Orca fur!) thanks to your suggestions on the forums!

Well then, go back to school mice, what are you waiting for? The bell is ringing!

New communities are available now!

We’ve finally added a few new communities including Philippines and Israel!

Multilingual blog

Hello! Now our blog supports 4 languages: Russian, English, Polish and Portuguese.